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Full Workshop Series - From Bump to Baby and Beyond

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Are you pregnant or planning on falling pregnant? If so, congratulations! You have come to the right place.

We know that you have so many questions, and we know that there are lots of people out there that can help you. But to access them costs! It costs time, it costs money, and it’s often not possible to get in front of all the health pros that you’d like.

Are you worried you don’t know enough about pregnancy? Have questions about birth and labour?

Do you know your plans for when baby comes home? Have questions on how to care for your new baby? How to nourish and heal your body post-birth??

We have all these answers, and more! To access all of these professionals and experts normally would be impossible for most of us. But you deserve the best of knowledge to prepare and empower you through your pregnancy journey.

So, we have taken away the biggest barriers to you getting to trusted information sources - time, space, and cost.

We have brought together an incredible team of health professionals and experts into our accessible, affordable online space. The knowledge, tips and tricks that they share is information you can be confident in from sources you can trust. We are here to support you to have the most amazing journey of pregnancy, birth and motherhood possible.

You are taking a wonderful step - empowering yourself through education to support, nurture and inspire through this amazing time. And you deserve the best!


Your 3 Workshops are:
~ Calm and Healthy Pregnancy ~
~ Your Empowered Birth ~
~ Positive and Practical Fourth Trimester ~

Pre & Postnatal

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Learn from the best, prepare yourself mentally and physically, and have the best journey from pregnancy, birth and beyond.