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The secret to daily rituals: nutrition, movement and mindset

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Hi, this is Video 1 from me, Carla Thomas – Holistic Health Coach in Mind Body Medicine (read more on me in my Bio) 🦋🧞‍♀️🍏.

For my video sessions, I had to start here because this is where my whole premise for health comes from. It's where my journey began over 10 years ago and where we start progressively with all of my clients.

Daily rituals, in their simplest form, are a promise to yourself from yourself that you are a goddess and that you are worth time and love, daily. This simply means you are important enough in your life to have time dedicated to you, to eat and drink in ways
which nourish you, and to do things on a daily basis which light you up.

Think about it? How many of us go about our day-to-day lives in auto-pilot? Daily rituals which ground you and ignite your creativity and passion are simple ways of re-setting the clock so you’re in the driving seat each and every day.

I have over 13 rituals these days which I practice on the daily and use with my clients to see which fit (and which don’t!) and also just as sounding boards to create unique ones for them. In this video, I talk about 3 of these daily rituals as a wee taster. I invite you to take a sip and choose one of them to start integrating into your daily life. And then, once that’s a firm habit, come back and pour another glass.

For more info on my daily rituals, my programs and how this would work for you, get in touch via my website or socials!

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An introduction in holistic approach to health and happiness.

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Setting up positive daily rituals which nourish you from the inside out enables you to release your natural potential for wellness.