Carla Thomas

Juicy Reviews: Pollution-free natural skincare

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I’m all about authentically sharing and passing on my recommendations and reviews to my tribe and this video is all about doing that. I discovered the most beautiful New Zealand natural and organic skin care range recently called Antipodes and am sharing what I love and why I love it here. Have a listen, see if it resonates and if it does, maybe give it a try. I feel like I’m glowing thanks to this beautiful pollution-free range. I think you may just too. Check out more details on my website: where I list the whole range I’m using. P.s. This isn’t a paid video or anything like that. I just really believe in paying it forward and sharing what I love! 🙏


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All part of your holistic journey, gorgeous!

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Adding to your juicy toolkit in terms of a natural, low tox, holistic approach to life.