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Less is More

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Get used to it because you are going to keep hearing it! I came into this year quiet, calm and clear that 'less is more' is my mantra (SPACE is my word) and I'm sticking with it - and to it!

I already covered the deal on SPACE while away over the summer in Darwin and you can catch that video here:

And I shared a little on the less front in both my Instagram feed:

And in a blog:

Last week I set about doing a video on one of the resources that initially inspired me to choose that mantra (or shall I say it chose me 😉) and the wrong (but actually right) book of the same name my other half gifted me that I'm loving, aligning with and using, so that I can keep holding myself accountable and giving myself the space to have less, do less but FEEL MORE!

**'Less is More' by Robin James

Mental Health

Health benefits

This session is all about the ways we can embrace the less is more mantra to find joy in a simpler life.

Goal contribution

We often think that to have more we need to do more, but in fact it's quite the opposite. The goal of this video is to show you that by embracing less, you will in turn attract and achieve more.