Carla Thomas

4-Day Work Week

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This concept isn't new to me.

American entrepreneur, author, podcaster and lifestyle guru Tim Ferris, has been toting his 4 hour work week concept for years (among other 4 hour approaches) and I have had the 4 hour work day seed planted in my ear many times over by multiple entrepreneurs (mostly working women/mums) be it solo biz, small biz, big biz or multi-million dollar kinda scale biz, who have been able to start/run/succeed in their business with minimal hours and availability.

And lately, all the signs (which aptly fit into my whole 'less is more' 2021 mantra concept) are pointing towards me REALLY wanting to start/have the conversation with others about how outdated the 5 day work week is for the times we live in now. And if I myself am wanting/desiring/feeling happier and MUCH MORE productive on a whole when I have the opportunity to peacefully do a 4 day work week (thanks to those beautiful events called Public Holidays!), then who else be it in an entrepreneurial or traditional work setting, is also craving and leaning towards the benefits of a 4 day work week?

I lay it out here for you to have a watch and decide for yourself if the 3 day weekend thing should be here to stay.

**Oh and before you start fretting re the whole 'loss of a day's pay' or 'businesses losing a day's business being closed' the video to understand my thought process 😉

Mental Health

Health benefits

This session is all about why the 4 day work week is working smarter - not harder - for all parties involved!

Goal contribution

It will get you thinking outside the norm and why this could (should) be the way forward for you and all businesses in order to help support your health, happiness and overall life wellbeing.