Carla Thomas

Juicy Review: Life Cykel Mushroom Products


I first tried Life Cykel back in 2017 when I was introduced to one of their first products - Lion's Mane Mushroom Coffee. I loved how easy it was to introduce into my routine! And I also loved how easy they made it to grow your own mushrooms at home via an Oyster Mushroom Kit.

Today, their product range has changed and evolved with loads of mushy goodness available but it's fair to say, they started my journey into using functional mushrooms for all types of health needs.

I take their liquid extracts on the daily by adding it to my tea, coffee or straight under the tongue!

Why mushrooms, though right? Well, they have so many health benefits – not least being packed with Vitamin D which so many of us need a boost of.

**For a JUICIER lowdown on the magic of mushroom consumption, listen to our 2019 chat with Life Cykel co-founder Julian Mitchell on The C-Word Podcast.

Watch this video for more on why I have so 'mush' love for @lifecykel and my current liquid extract go to's.

Then check out their website and use the code CARLA10 for a 10% discount on any of your Life Cykel purchases.

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Health benefits

This session gives you the opportunity to hear about a convenient and easy way to get all the amazing benefits of mushrooms each and every day without actually having to consume them.

Goal contribution

Health is all about finding those simple additions and changes that allow us to feel and function at our best!